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We are now able to support a local charity with a donation from Pax subscriptions.  This year we will be supporting The Herts. Charity for Deprived Children.

The Herts. Charity for Deprived Children was founded in the early 1960’s by John Stroud, Social Services Assistant Director, as a way of dealing with monies that were given to him for “poor children”.  Local Authorities were unable to take money so this Charity established itself and accepted donations from inheritances, gifts, etc.

We only provide for people who are Hertfordshire residents and are under the age of 18 and we make no further judgement on our applicants.  We see ourselves as a charity of last resort when applications to all others have been exhausted.  All applications must come from a professional agency.  In the main we provide white goods, beds and mattresses and one-off specials.  For example, a pair of size 14 trainers for a young man who at 11 years old brought up by a single parent on benefits could only be obtained through a specialist and at some considerable cost.  We do not provide things that aren’t transportable i.e. carpets, fitted furniture, etc. as often initially the families are in temporary accommodation following domestic violence.

We are a registered charity (200327), which provides annual accounts and can respond to a referral within 24 hours if necessary.  Currently amongst the trustees are a Judge, a County Treasurer, a Special Educator, and Social Services staff, all of whom have now retired.  We take no fees or expenses.  All the money raised is for the Charity.  

    Mrs. Patricia A. Read

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