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News from St Mary's Little Wymondley by Rosemary Stratton



We are blessed at St. Mary’s to have two Nativity sets, the first consisting of quite large figures which we place near the altar.  I don’t know where they originate from, but they must be in excess of eighty years old.  One of my earlier memories of going to church was at Christmas when I remember staring in wonder into the crib, there was a light at the back which set a glow over the scene.  That crib was built by the late Chris Allardyce who lived in Church Path, it came into church every year but age finally took its toll and it was kindly replaced by Brian Murphy from the parish.  The figures are very heavy and I think made of clay.  A few years ago Tony Maddren, our late organist, gave them a complete makeover, repainting their robes and bringing out all their facial features. 

Last year, although we were in lock down, I still set the figures out by the altar, it didn’t seem right keeping them packed away.  We have a bag of straw which we keep each year, it is so old and dry, I think it should be included on the inventory!

The second set I am given to understand is quite old and the figures were carved by a parishioner, again very beautiful, all in white and complete with sheep and donkeys.  A few years ago Michael Gray, a parishioner kindly made a stable which completed the setting, so if you haven’t seen it, be sure to pay a visit next Christmas.  If anyone knows a bit more about the history of these figures, I would be very pleased to hear from you.


Due to Covid, sadly we had to miss our Lent Group last year but would love to go ahead this year, but with safety in mind.  We usually meet in Hitchin at one of our parishioner’s houses, but I think we should be prepared to do a lateral flow test before attending each meeting, possibly starting on Thursday 3rd March.  If you are interested in joining the group, please give me a call.

                                                              Rosemary Stratton - 01438-871592


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